Attic Cleaning And Insulation Replacement Moorpark, CA

Attic Cleaning And Insulation Replacement Moorpark, CA

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Attic condensation is a common problem that comes about when moisture is transported from the heated part of the home and into the unheated attic through air flow. The problem is fatal as it causes damage to home structures and the items stored in it. The cool thing is that you can easily correct the problem before there’s a lot of damage.


How to Correct Attic Condensation

You should start by taking a look at the humidity levels using your hygrometer. All the rooms in your house should have a humidity level of between 25 and 50%. If the humidity levels are more than 60% you need to run a dehumidifier to control the moisture. You also need to empty the water in the dehumidifier daily.

Another way of correcting the problem is by limiting the activities that increase the amount of vapor in the room. This calls for you to take shorter showers, and avoid boiling water for a long time. The cool thing with these activities is that they not only reduce the humidity levels in the house, but they also save your energy.

It’s also very wise that you install exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen in order to reduce the vapor in the house. For ideal results you should go for fans that have automatic shut-off switches that turn the fan on and off depending on the amount of water vapor in the room.

Always keep your windows and doors open most of the times in order to ventilate the home. If you have pets and wildlife in your home you should ensure that you install screens.

For more information on this topic you, you should contact an attic cleaning and insulation replacement professional Moorpark, CA and he will give you all the information that you need.

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