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Air Duct Replacement Services

Insulation Cotractors It is important to have an air duct system that work well efficiently. So if you notice that your air duct system is not working well, you should make sure to get it repaired as soon as possible. Attic Wizard can help you on this. We can provide repairs or if needed, a duct replacement might be performed.

The biggest benefits of having a highly efficient air duct system are energy efficiency, improved air quality as well as overall comfort. The Attic Wizard can best assist you on this. We are experts when it comes to air duct cleaning, repairs, as well as replacement services.

Signs that You Need Air Duct Repair

You might think that your air duct system is in good working condition. But do not be too complacent. Here are some signs that you might need your air ducts checked and repaired:

  • The room temperature will greatly vary and the warm and cold areas are not normal. An air duct system that functions well should be able to circulate the warm and cool air uniformly.
  • An increase in humidity will suddenly develop and stuffy air will be noticed inside the room.
  • Your electricity bills will significantly increase because your air conditioning system will work harder in order to be able to deliver cool air and maintain the temperature in the room if the duct will not be able to perform at peak efficiency.

Reasons to Replace Your AC Duct System

It is absolutely important to repair or replace your damaged air duct system. An expertly designed air duct system helps to maximize the overall capacity of your Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning equipment.

As you know, the air duct is an important element of your entire system. No matter how big or how small is the size of your air conditioning system, the level of comfort will surely be sacrificed if your air duct system is not working well. Aside from that, you will also end up spending more money for your electricity bills.

A lot of homeowners are actually getting less than their HVAC system’s maximum cooling capacity due to its dysfunctional air duct system. You do not need to settle for less than three tons of cooling capacity, coming from a five ton unit. The returned air volume should be able to support the supply end of the air cycle.

Remember that the cooling demands would vary depending on the characteristic and the size of the room. Furthermore, the amount of windows and doors could make a difference as well. The Attic Wizard comprises of professionally trained technicians that can balance the need as well as the capacity of every room with the use of the most appropriate ducting replacement.

Air Duct Insulation Helps Improve HVAC Efficiency

Another way to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system is air duct insulation. It is said that the air inside the non insulated ducts could increase for a few degrees in the temperature in every feet where the air travels. The recommended R value would greatly vary by climate. In areas where there is a warm temperature, such as Florida, California and Hawaii, having an R-4 to R-8 values are highly recommended.

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