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Insulation Contractors Los Angeles and ‘Attic Wizard’ are Synonymous Terms. Attic Cleaning & Insulation Replacement is Our Forte.

No Wonder Why We’re Rated Among the Premier Home Insulation Contractors in LA. Experience Counts!

At Attic Wizard, we’ve redefined crawl space cleaning in Los Angeles by bringing-in our expertise in this exclusive service domain. Our team of professionals specialize in all types of loft or attic maintenance services that involves attic insulation removal, attic insulation replacement, attic cleaning and crawl space decontamination to name a few. The use of advanced vacuum cleaning technology and eco-friendly chemicals makes our activities absolutely safe for residents and pets. No more you’ve to worry about your neglected space in the house, as we offer the most extensive cleaning, as well as insulation replacement in Los Angeles at a very competitive price. Safe, effective and affordable crawl space decontamination is what we offer our esteemed residential clients. Call us now on 877-373-5212 for a FREE consultation with our professional attic insulation contractors Los Angeles and duct cleaning experts. They are always available for advice and suggestions.

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Attic Insulation Replacement & Removal

Energy efficient home insulation services can reduce your monthly utility bills up-to 50 percent, or even more. And that is possible when you’ve hired the services of an insulation contractor Los Angeles that has the expertise.

Our insulation replacement services in Los Angeles does exactly that. Call home an expert for an on-the-spot estimate, and get started with a highly effective insulation replacement in Los Angeles. A majority of homes in southern California are opting for it.

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    Save Energy and Money

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    Increase Comfort

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    Humidity Control

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    Less Pollen & Dust

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Our 15 plus years of experience makes us the preferred insulation replacement company in Los Angeles, CA. Apart from insulation removal & insulation replacement services LA, we are also specialists in air-con duct cleaning and crawl space decontamination services. Since 2001, we have been serving the residents in Orange County, Long Beach and Ventura County.

Give your neglected space in the house that healing touch and transformation by calling our professional team. Your home crawl space needs us, and we do it exactly the way you want.